Friday, 26 April 2013

Elle Varner

I love music and have set my self the cool task of creating a series of portraits of my favorite artists (past and present). The first one is of the lovely RnB singer 'Elle Varner'. I created this illustration using a more abstract style than usual mixing mixed media and vector art.

Beau Stryker Book Cover

In Janurary Author R.A. Gill commissioned me to illustrate and design this book cover.  My brief was to illustrate a teenage boy aged 14/15 in two poses: The first of him in boxing gear fighting an imaginary opponent and the second of him dressed as an Arab fighting and imaginary opponent. Then create typography that suited the theme of the book.

Fund Strategy Cover 'BoE Revolution?'

In Janurary Fund Strategy magazine commissioned me to create this cover illustration. My brief was to illustrate in a Russian revolution propaganda poster style ‘Mark Carney’ the Governor of the Bank of England ripping up a piece of paper with 2% written on it. In reference to the proposal of interest rates being raised.

Nuts Magazine '100 Best Gags of 2012'

In December Nut magazine commissioned me to create three spreads for their Xmas special issue. This  commission was a cool challenge the spreads included a total of 19 portaits of some of the most prominent comedians today. The title of the feature being: '100 Best Gags of 2012'

Advanced Photoshop 102 'Youth Fashion'

Last November Advanced Photoshop magazine commissioned me to create this illustration for a youth fashion tutorial.

I suggested a few images to the editor for me to use as the central figure for the tutorial and she went with the one below. As when I think of youth fashion I think of bright colours and swagger. I decided to change the models attire and hair colour and add some jewelery also, in an attempt to totally revamp the Model. 

Fund Strategy Cover 'Face Off'

During the U.S elections build up last year, Fund Strategy magazine commissioned me to create this cover illustration. My brief was to draw Barack Obama and Mitt Romney squaring up both with boxing gloves on, representing the colour of their respective parties.

Monday, 22 April 2013


This image was created in early September 2012 in anticipation of the new NFL season. the illustration features top New York Giants quaterback 'Eli Manning'.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Dwyane Wade

A portrait of the NBA star, Dwyane Wade. Created in August of last year.
Yep, still in catch up mode.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Nuts Magazine 'Premier League'

Last Summer Nuts magazine commissioned me to create 4 half page graphical illustrations of premier league players; kagawa, Hazard, Balotelli and Podowski for their 2012/2013 season Premier league pullout.

This was such a cool series of illustrations to work on with me being a massive football fan and a bit of a player myself! 

Total TVguide 'Olympic Cover'

Last Summer Total TVguide magazine commissioned me to create this cover illustration for their Olympic special issue. The art director liked the backdrop I created for the triathletes illustrations and wanted me to produce something similar for thier Olympic issue.

Strike A Pose

I am always experimenting and trying new styles. This is a personal piece that I had alot of fun with. I used a combination of vector art, watercolours and hand drawn shapes to create this piece. I wanted to draw a fashion illustration that was edgy, chic, and cool at the same time.


Early last year in anticipation of the London 2012 Olympics me and sports photographer Romilly collabrated to create these two illustrations of gold medal contenders: Helen Jenkins and Alistair Brownlee.